rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Briefly in the Heat

Toward evening, an undifferentiated mass of low clouds crowded the foothills. If it moves up the ridge, it will bring damp to aggravate the heat. Still, it was a bit cooler today. In a way, I prefer the hottest days, as they give me an excuse to turn on the air conditioning. When the air conditioning is on, I can usually get Sluggo to stay online for an hour or more. When it is but moderately hot, as today, I'm lucky to get twelve minutes out of him. The heat stays in the house all night, slowly leaking out, but never dropping to a level of comfort. The cats insist on remaining outdoors, napping on the front porch.They remind me of the lions couched in front of public buildings of the Beaux Arts era.

There has been a strange bird hanging about for several days. With its ornate song of chirps and trills, I think it must be some sort of lark, but one not common to this place. It spends the afternoons and evenings flying from tree to tree, always alighting at the very tip of the pines, where it proceeds to let out its loud song. Perhaps it is the only one of its kind for miles, and is trying to summon others. It is a very pretty song, but being unique, also a bit sad.

Oops, ten minutes. Post.

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