rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Raccoon Love

Even as I write, raccoons are making a ruckus down the street. I believe they are either having sex, or fighting over who gets to have sex. The raccoons are often quite noisy this time of year. They like to pack as much adventure as possible into the short, warm nights. They're certainly having more adventure than I am, unless you consider dealing with a computer which is in league with the devil an adventure. The temperature in the house is down to 72F now, and Sluggo is still only good for twenty minutes at a time. Well, it keeps me terse. Not to mention pissed off.

I can't hear the sounds of the night (other than the amorous raccoons and the chirping of a nearby cricket) over the whirring of my window fan. It's nice out there, though. If I knocked out a wall or two, it would be nice in here as well. It will be considerably less nice later today, as we will be nearing triple digit temperatures. The actual triple digits won't show up until Tuesday. Yikes. Once upon a time, the central valley of California was an inland sea. I'll bet it the summers were much nicer then. Hmm. I wonder what the chances are of an earthquake large enough to sink the valley? Surf's up, Sacramento!

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