rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A few merciful clouds are drifting in from the west, along with some lightly cooler air. It is still too hot for Sluggo, though. I have to fetch LJ pages, disconnect, read them offline for a while, shut down, let Sluggo cool off, reboot, read more, etc, then open the client, write, save to clip board, shut down, let Sluggo cool, reboot, reconnect, then fetch what I wrote from the clip board and post it. Ah, the wonders of technology. No time to fetch or read most comments, or to make more than a couple of comments myself. No time to fetch e-mail. An early summer is the last thing I need.

The second-to-last thing I needed was to have my cat once again wake me by rubbing her wet, dander-laden nose all over my face and neck. Itchy red welts have ensued, as usual. The cat is in league with Sluggo to make me miserable! I'll never leave the two of them alone together again.

Immense roses have exploded from the bushes outside the kitchen window. The buds were unopened for a very long time because of the cold and damp weather. Now, dozens of them have emerged at once, all their pent up energy released into the largest blossoms I've ever seen on those bushes.

Incidentally, since last I looked at my LJ "friend of" list, the mysterious green_tree has vanished from it, gone as stealthily as he arrived a few months ago. Heh. I bored even someone who has hundreds of people on his friends list. Well, just wait 'till you see how dull I get in summer!

I'm getting tired of write-copy-save. I'm going to go for a walk, let Sluggo cool, and post this when I get back.

Update: I kept smelling horse droppings while I was out, but didn't see any. Pollen induced hallucination?

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