rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Heat slams down on the town, browning the lawns, wilting the flowers, cooking the resin from the pine trees. I watch the pavements ripple and shimmer. The streets are deserted until evening. Then, sprinklers come on, and their mist drifts on the soft breeze, the cats emerge from the shady places where they found refuge, and the crickets begin their night-long concert. Just at sunset, a pair of woodpeckers pecked at the utility pole in front of my house, then did an odd aerial balletwith one another, soaring and swooping, always returning to alight on the pole briefly until they at last flew into the pines and vanished. I'm glad someone is having a good time in this weather.

Sluggo is down to less than ten minutes online before crashing. Lacking a reliable computer has given me more time to do other things. I find I'm more relaxed. I'm listening to CD's. I'm going to do some reading. I'm going to spend as much time outdoors in the cool night as possible.
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