rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sluggo would apologize for delaying this post, but he's evil

Nights are becoming too short. I have less time to do things. Having to fetch my e-mail on line is taking a lot of extra time, too. And I think something is out of place in my neck. It's very stiff and sore, and my left arm feels as though I'd been carrying a heavy weight with it for hours. Rats! Another trip to the chiropractor. I don't mind having my back adjusted, but I hate when he has to work on my neck. It's oogy.

So, lovely moon, thin clouds, woodpecker tattering on the utility pole out front, etc, etc. You know how it goes. No time for the details. In lieu of a real post, another picture. This is one of the new house by the edge of Butte Creek Canyon -- the one with the tile roof and the palm trees around it. What on earth were they thinking? At this elevation, those things will be killed in the first big snowstorm. But the fine specimen of digger pine in the foreground of this shot will survive quite nicely, thank you. Digger pines are my favorite regional conifer. They have interesting shapes, and they can be wildly different from one another. They don't grow well where I live, but at the somewhat lower elevations -- from about 1000 feet to 1500 feet, where there is too little water for the ponderosas -- they thrive. The one in this picture is at about 1300 feet.

The Ghost of 1920's Hollywood Appears in 21st Century Paradise

You're charging us HOW MUCH for fire insurance?


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