rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Eclipse and Sun Shower

As the evening progressed, the layer of thin clouds over the mountains grew more dense. When the moon cleared the trees along the eastern ridge, it was only intermittently visible, a pumpkin-orange orb fading in and out of drifting cloud. By the time it rose above the cloud layer, the eclipse was past totality, and the lighted crescent was no longer orange, but its normal pale yellow. I watched the moon slowly escape earth's shadow, and the night grow brighter. Because of the clouds, the event was less impressive than the eclipse I saw in Los Angeles some twenty years ago. Still, it was worth watching, and probably better than whatever was on television.

In April, I took a couple of pictures during a sun shower. I'm going to post one of them now. The picture is not particularly lovely, but it is the only one I have ever taken in which the falling rain can actually be seen, as it was back lit. There is another picture taken the same day which I like better, but the rain isn't visible in it, because the sun was off to one side. I'll post it another day, though.

Sun Shower

Rats! I just washed the car!


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