rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Less Annoyed

Juno turns out to be responsible for my not getting LJ notifications. I've gotten an automated reply from them saying something ambiguous about them working on it by referring the problem to some other department which may or may not know what is going on. I got a second automated reply saying that the address to which I had written (presumably the one I reached through a link on their recently updated web site) either is no longer in use or does not exist. Apparently, Juno's left hand is not aware that its right hand has not been cut off. Anyway, since it looks as though it may take a while for the whole thing to be resolved, I've changed my LJ settings to send the notifications to a different inbox. It is on the internet, and is inconvenient to use, but it will have to do. Again I say buggery computers!

Last night was shirtsleeve weather until well past midnight, and I watched the nearly-full moon drift among gauzy clouds, and a cool breeze blew a song in the pines to accompany the hooting of an owl. I'm hoping it remains clear and warm for the lunar eclipse Thursday night. Sleep, now.

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