rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Fortunately, it got cooler tonight. Soon, the nights will remain warm, and Sluggo will have conniptions 24 hours a day. I bought him a new surge protector, but I doubt that he will show any gratitude for my thoughtfulness. I haven't plugged it in, yet, because that involves moving a couple of hundred CDs, a table with stereo equipment on it, a couch, and then squeezing myself into a cramped space to attach the adapter to the wall socket, dealing with the mass of spaghetti which grows from this cyborg monstrosity (sorry, Sluggo, but you do look rather Borg), then putting everything back in place. Also, I have to wait for a time when the cat isn't in the way, because under that table is her favorite sleeping spot. I think she likes to stay where she can keep an eye on Sluggo. She knows he is evil, and wants to protect me. Anyway, it all adds up to the usual pain in the ass that computers have brought into our lives. I'll get around to the job, but reluctantly.

I'm still not getting e-mail from LJ. I still haven't gotten a reply to my support request. I think I'll have to re-submit it using a different address. I also sent an e-mail to Juno support, to see if they have started any sort of spam blocking that might have caused the mail from LJ to stop coming. They are supposed to get back to me within one business day. Feh. It's the usual digital mess. I suppose I could temporarily change my LJ address to one of my spam boxes, but then I'd have to go on line to see the replies. Given Sluggo's instability, that is especially inconvenient. In the meantime, I have to hunt down replies to my comments, which takes forever, and Sluggo usually crashes before I can make my own replies. Not getting e-mail replies takes a lot of the fun out of the site. Bloody buggery computers. I want to get back to being my usual dull self, writing about the stupid trees and the stupid clouds, and the stupid lunar eclipse which is coming up Thursday.

I'm tired. Computers are exhausting.

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