rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In the Shade

That the air remains cool is some compensation for the poverty of sunlight. Today, though, was not utterly impoverished. It was merely in the lower income bracket. No continents of cloud floated in a blue sea, but lakes of blue ornamented the marbled mass of white and gray which drifted above until late afternoon. The air below being clear, from high ground I could see further masses of cloud rolling across the valley. The mountain ridges now and then flashed with light which would roll down to vanish into the canyon. Near where a group of boys played games in a shadowy field, I heard the sound of a light plane and looked up into the swirling white mass to look for it, but it remained hidden. The game went on undisturbed, as though men had never flown. Earthbound, I returned home imagining the undersides of wings catching reflected light.

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