rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Surprise, Surprise :-P

Early light reveals the persistent clouds. More than halfway through spring, we remain pale and damp, shadowed by that vaporous sea which drifts above us, straining the light, turning the world dim, as though it were in the process of fading out. I have the feeling I'm in the final scene of a movie, and the credits are about to roll. Maybe there'll be one of those codas, where they tell what became of the characters after the movie ended. Rejectomorph wasted away as a result of vitamin D deficiency. Undiscovered for several days after his death, his left leg was devoured by his hungry cats. The rest of his remains are buried in his back yard, with Sluggo the Evil Computer serving for a tombstone.

Well. I wonder if anyone would go see that movie?
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