rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

I see by the statistics box on the login page that LJ now has 1,048,556 accounts. Sometime today, then, it will probably reach five times the number it had when I started my journal (#210,624.) That was less than two years ago. Gee, if LJ accounts were stock, I'd be rich by now! Rich, I tell you!

The weather reports say there is a strong possibility of thunderstorms here this afternoon. So far this year, we've only had one really good one, and a couple of piddly ones. As long as they don't fry my electronics or take out any of my trees, I like thunderstorms. The air always smells very fresh after they pass through. I could use some positive ions, I think. I've been rather sluggish and muddleheaded the past couple of days. Lacking in vigor. Unable to focus. Prone to rant about nothing. Ready to rip my own brain out and stomp on it. Not particularly pleased with myself, in other words. Maybe a thunderstorm is just what I need. A jump start for my sluggish synapses. It beats sticking a fork in an electrical socket, that's for sure.

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