rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Risky Business

I'm going to go see if there is an updated driver for my video card. Maybe that would diminish Sluggo's instability. On the other hand, he might not be able to handle it, given his checkered history with new software. If I vanish, blame Sluggo.

UPDATE: Well, I won't be going to the trouble of updating the driver for my video card, after all. Not because it doesn't need it (I'm sure it does), but because the flakey company which made it (Diamond) was swallowed three years ago by another flakey company (Sonic Blue) which has a Byzantine web site where, after viewing a dozen or so misleading pages, finally informed me that I should go to the web site of a company called s3 to find drivers for Diamond products. Arriving at that equally Byzantine site, I was shunted around some more and, clicking on one of their promising links, ended up back at the Sonic Blue web site.

The conclusion is that, if I stick my finger up my ass and dance the tango while spelling "Microsoft" backwards three times in morse code, I will magically discover the secret web page from which I can follow the trail of silicon crumbs which will lead at last to the page where I will find the occult message which, when deciphered, will inform me that updates for Diamond video card drivers are no longer available.

In lieu of doing this, I have decided merely to add Sonic Blue and s3 to my very long shit list of computer and software related companies with which I will never again do any sort of business. I suspect that my chance for not doing business with either of these companies will be quite brief, however. They will most likely be swallowed by other, equally unstable companies before I ever get the chance to refuse to buy any of their products. Then I will add those companies to my list. Hah! They think they can fool me, but they can't! I will track them 'till the end of time in order to exercise my right never to buy anything from them!

In the meantime, if it is indeed an outdated video card driver which is causing Sluggo's instability, I'll just have to live with it. Ah, poor Sluggo! Built of junk parts sold by fly-by-night high-rollers in the soon-to-be-utterly-bankrupt Santa Clara Valley! He was doomed from the start!

And there is no spellcheck on the "edit entries" page, so the typos will stay. I'm going to go watch my reliable JAPANESE (hint, hint) television.

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