rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It returned to being wet here today. It wasn't as wet here, though, as it has been on LJ, where entry after entry is virtually dripping over Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Hey, I could give my hair that James-Dean-took-a-toaster-into-the-bathtub look, too! What is the deal with all the Aussie guys, anyway? There is this notion about that they are all so male. Well, yeah -- if you think The Fonz is male. Most of the popular younger American actors are awfully boyish, I know, but the Aussies aren't much different. They merely have a rough trade quality about them, while the Americans are more the preppy call-boy type. But they're all boys, except for Russell Crowe, and he looks like a high school gym coach. Bogart must be turning over in his grave.

I have no idea what brought on that rantlet, by the way. I'm not particularly hostile to actors. I'm merely unimpressed by them. I suppose it's just the fact that they all seem to have come from the same mold. Even the creepy guys would be indistinguishable if you took away their creepiness. When only oddities and mannerisms separate one movie star from another, it's time to end the movies and start a new medium. Either that, or forbid the production of any movie that doesn't have at least one former member of Monty Python in it, just so that, when the movies finally get to television, the adults in the audience will have something to watch. Impractical, I'm sure.

Oh, I have nothing to say. Time to shut up.

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