rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Well, Guess What? :-P

It looks like another mostly cloudy day beginning out there. A rumpled sky is barely brightening, and the damp from last night's frequent mists lingers everywhere. Yesterday, there were a few minutes now and then when the sun emerged, and the cool air was suddenly heated, almost uncomfortably. But soon, the white ramparts would close and darken to gray, and the breeze would chill again. Near midnight, I caught a brief glimpse of the waxing moon as it sank through the pines, attended by silvery roiling clouds. Small green fruit has appeared on the cherry tree, but there is no light to feed it. More gray days ahead, I'm sure, and spring reduced to slow motion. There have been years such as this here before. When summer comes, it will be a sudden explosion of heat. Strange times.

Happy birthday, Karl Marx. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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