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Night Gone Soon [May. 1st, 2003|06:08 am]
Dawn creeping up earlier, and clusters of white flowers emerging from the darkness. I hear geese honking nearby, hidden by the trees. Last night, deer came by but I didn't see them, either. I heard their hooves clopping on the pavement as they browsed on roadside plants. I'm surprised that they still visit this block, given that the nearby fields have been recently fenced and built upon. They must be taking more and more to the busier and busier streets. I don't know how much longer they will continue to brave the dangers of traffic. Unlike the adaptable raccoons, who flourish in ever greater numbers as the trash cans proliferate, and tolerate humans so well that they will walk across my lawn not ten feet from where I stand, the deer are shy, and wary of our presence, and of our barking dogs. Eventually, I'm sure, the time will arrive when they no longer venture among our sleeping houses, even with the allure of those delicacies which we mistake for entirely ornamental flowers. When the night is empty of deer, I wonder if the dreams of those of us who sleep in darkness will change?

And, to all those of Pagan (or Marxist) persuasion, Happy May Day!