rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rain and Restless Sleep

All day the rain fell as I slept. The breeze must have been blowing the same direction all day, as well. When I look to the north, the trunks of the pines are dark with damp, and when I look to the south, their north sides are dry and gray. This evening, I shut Sluggo down for a while because there was thunder nearby, and I thought that an electrical storm was beginning. It's just as well that I did, as, even though the lightning remained at some distance and the storm didn't last long, the power went off and came back on several times. Now, it is back to the ordinary spring rain, slow and steady and barely to be heard through the slightly opened window.

For some reason, I'm still craving coffee. It's probably a very bad idea, but I had two more cups tonight. I'm sure that the caffeine I consumed yesterday was responsible for my disturbed sleep, in which I dreamed that a bearded Kevin Bacon tried to dance with me in my living room. I saw part of a Will and Grace clip show recently, in which something of that sort occurred. At least I didn't have any dreams (that I can remember) in which I got caught up in a Harold Lloyd chase scene through the trolly-filled streets of 1920's Los Angeles. (And thank the network censors that Kevin Bacon didn't have sex with Will!) If I'm going to be drinking coffee, I'll have to be more careful in selecting my television fare. I certainly have no desire to dream of being interviewed by Lawrence Lipton, or of being mocked by Jay Leno, or of looking into a mirror and seeing Tom Brokaw's hair growing out of my head. Maybe I'll just read a book. It's probably safer.

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