rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I had two cups of coffee last night, and wanted more! Yes! I need my resting heart rate to be over 170! Used to be I could drink half a gallon and scribble thirty pages into my paper journal. Now, I drink two cups and get too wired to concentrate. All night the rain kept inviting me to go out and run through it. I stayed in and ignored the temptation, and tried to remember what the moon looks like. Since two more days of rain are expected, I probably won't get to see it again until Wednesday. I'm not sure what the virus is doing. No more cold symptoms, other than a slightly chilled feeling. There is a periodic crampy feeling in my stomach, but that might be due to eating too much starchy stuff over the last few days. (Mmmm, spaghetti. Popcorn. French toast.) Also, my joints are still a bit stiff, and I'm sure my brain is hyper. So there's probably still something in there, and it might turn back into a cold yet (it's happened before), so I'll just keep medicating, and try to relax for a couple more days -- in so far as I can relax when I feel like bouncing off the walls. I have no idea why the early stages of a viral infection give me so much aimless and uncontrollable energy, (followed inevitably by sudden crashes into ennui), but there it is. Maybe I'll donate my body to science, and they can figure it out.

Also, go look at mattcallow's journal for a link to the online version of his photography exhibit, Urban Textures. (I'd link directly, but I can't find it and I'm writing off line right now, and I don't want to take a chance on trying to add the link after I go back online to post because Sluggo has been acting up again.) Anyway, some very nice stuff. I will sleep now.

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