rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rainy Night and Clear Day

One more gray day has turned to a rainy night. This is turning out to be a very wet April. The fuzzy little stems which are shed by the mulberry tree this time of year have clogged the rain gutter along the front of the house. Now, even though the rain is gentle, the gutter is overflowing in that spot near the front door, and a loud cascade of water is falling into the flower bed, crushing the sourgrass. I remember to clean the gutters of the autumn leaves, but always forget the mulberry stems of spring. In the dark, the cats are apt to jump down from the porch and land in the pond which has formed in the flower bed. They are always so annoyed when that happens.

I got a couple of rolls of film back today. One of the pictures is of a rubber duck head I found, which I will post in found_objects later. (Update: My found object is posted here.) I have a picture to post here, too -- behind a cut because it is rather wide.


Vapor Trail and Clouds

I took a picture of a landscape, and actually didn't even notice the vapor trail of a jet in the sky until I got the prints back. Since I liked the top part of the picture better than the whole thing, I just cropped it to show only clouds and sky and vapor trail. It jogs something in my memory, but not enough to jar it loose, so I simply look at the picture and wonder why it makes me happy.
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