rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Join the Fold

I just spent some time at Joseph Wu Origami, a rather large site devoted to the Japanese art of paper folding. In spite of the rather small images, the site is worth visiting. The section on Illustrations is commercial work by Mr. Wu (I keep wanting to call him Dr. Wu -- curse you, Steely Dan) and is of less interest than the Gallery section, which features work by a number of origami artists. I would particularly recommend the gallery of undersea creatures by Vincent Floderer (click on the last thumbnail in row three on the gallery page.) The site also features a section with instructions, most of which are in the PDF format. I didn't download any of them, since I dislike the Acrobat Reader intensely -- and I doubt that I'd have the time or the patience to do origami, anyway. But there are a few instructions in JPG or GIF formats, including instructions for making a butterfly from an American dollar bill. The site also has a section of articles on the subject, and a generous assortment of links to other origami sites. Even if you have no desire to fold paper into cranes or flowers or bugs yourself, its fun to see the results of other peoples work. When I have more time, I'll have to look through those links to see if there are sites with bigger pictures, though.

ps. -- my apologies for the awful pun in the subject line.

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