rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Spring's Progress

The dogwood across the street is almost perfect right now. Not yet in full bloom, its red is scattered among the delicate twigs. Backlit by the afternoon sun, it glows bright against the green ramparts of pine and oak rising behind it toward silver masses of cloud shot with pale blue. The birds have not yet begun to eat the berries. That happens when the tree has become a dense mass of color through which no green shows.

This spring, there are a larger number of birds about than is usual. The mild winter has probably led to a high survival rate. Spending a few minutes outdoors, I hear at least a dozen different calls, including a couple I don't remember hearing before. The tall grove beyond my back fence is a particularly lively place. Airy songs drift through the leafy canopy, and small forms dart from branch to branch. Once in a while, a bird will swoop over my head, and I hear its fluttering wings inches away, but it is always gone before I can get a good look at it.

In the space alongside the house, the weeds are springing up like ...well, weeds. I also noticed today that a small oak is growing directly under my gas meter. It will have to come out, of course. It is inches from the foundation of the house. Since there are no oaks near that spot, I figure that a squirrel must have hidden an acorn in that spot, and never returned for it. Of course, it might have been my cat who planted the tree. She used to collect acorns from the trees up at the end of the block and bring them to me as gifts. Heh. A tree-planting cat. I wonder if the tree would survive being moved? It's less than 18 inches tall, and its trunk is no more than a twig. I'm not sure where I'd put it, though.

The afternoon rains and various disruptions to my schedule have prevented me from taking regular walks lately. I hope things get back to normal, soon. I'm going to start stiffening up if I don't get more exercise. Ah, well. At least I get to leave my windows open more, now that the weather has warmed a bit, and the damp is keeping the pollen down. Spring is nice.

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