rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Damp Frogs

Even a slight rain is enough to set the frogs singing. Somewhere in the arroyo west of here, I can hear them. I've always been fond of amphibians, ever since the days when I would catch them in the vernal pool behind my house, when I was eight or nine years old. I would release the small frogs into the lawn, and keep the water running under the bushes by the rock wall. For days, I would find the little frogs hopping about in the grass. A few would remain (or survive) longer. One big old frog lived in a crevice in the rock wall for more than a year. I would hear his deep croak in the night, and it was very comforting. The only frogs who have ever lived close to this house were the tree frogs, and I haven't seen any of them for several years now. I'd like to have a pond nearby. As it is, the frogs are so distant that their chorus is drowned out by the sighing of the wind in the pine trees. That's a nice sound, too, but I'd rather hear the frogs.


I have written this entire entry while there is a box on my page that says "Juno Error Detected. It has, in fact, been there since several minutes before I began writing this entry. I visited several pages after the box appeared. The message in the box informs me that the program will be shut down. Usually, when I get one of these boxes, I click the "OK" button at the bottom of it, and the program shuts down, after producing a few more error messages about invalid page faults. This time, I just moved the box to the side of the screen and kept using the computer. The conclusion to which I have come as a result of this experience is that the Juno Error in question is, in fact, the appearance of the damned box itself! I must find another ISP!

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