rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Most Recently Updated Journals

I must have missed the announcement of this LJ feature, which displays a (long) list of the most recently updated journals, with links to the posts. Interesting. I know that Blogger has long had something of that sort on its main page. I don't mind having it hidden away, but maybe it could be a little less hidden? I wonder how long it's been around?

And now, back to my regularly scheduled not posting this time of night.

Heh. LJ spellcheck's suggestions for correcting the word "Blogger:"
Logger, Flogger, Blocker, Bigger, Boggier, Bulgier, Bloke, Bagger, Blockier, Bugger, Logier, Lugger, Blower, Bilge, Blighter, Bloomer, Bloater, Blooper, Blotter, Blowier, Bragger, Slugger

"Bugger" is my favorite!
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