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The clouds break a bit now and then, which means I might get a glimpse of the full moon tonight. Mostly, it has remained gray all afternoon and evening. I don't mind that. The spring colors are very rich on gray days; the red camellias, the light green of new oak leaves, the smoky pink (soon to be bright red) that is beginning to show on the dogwoods. The damp has given me a couple more days of respite from the sneezing and sniffling, as well. But I would like to see the full moon.

A few days ago, I splashed hot olive oil on the back of my right hand while cooking. I wiped it off right away, and ran some cold water on it, and it wasn't very painful, so I'm surprised that the marks have lingered this long. For the first couple of days, they grew ever brighter; two long lines and four smaller splotches. Then they began turning dark, and now one of the lines is getting a scab on it, and the rest of the marks are a dark, shiny pink. Although they haven't been painful, I just know they're going to start itching any time now. Pain I can deal with. Itching drives me crazy.

A local store has a closeout of 2 Megapixel Olympus digital cameras on sale for as low as $159.99. That probably indicates an impending price drop on all sorts of digital cameras. It may be almost time to buy one. I'm still not sure about abandoning 35 mm, though. Some decent bottom-of-the-line SLRs are going for a little bit over $200.00 right now. It might be wiser to get one of those, as it wouldn't require any chancy upgrades for Sluggo. Decisions, decisions. I should probably just not spend the money at all. I'll probably need it to bail my cats out of jail, sooner or later.

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