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Japanese Historical Maps, and Some Stuff [Apr. 11th, 2003|06:06 am]
I'm going to recommend a web site of which I've seen very little. It is the on line display of The Japanese Historical Map Collection of the East Asian Library at U.C. Berkeley. The site was the subject of an article in the New York Times the other day, but I just got around to checking it out a while ago.

The site offers three viewing options for visitors. The first is a sort of browser skin which is recommended for first time visitors, and which I used. I kept getting Internet Explorer error messages (I'm using IE 5.5) but it still worked -- sort of. I couldn't get some of the functions of the site to work, including the enlarging function, but what I did manage to see was interesting.

The second option involves downloading a Java client, which allows you to do more stuff, and the third option uses something called the GIS Browser, which allows you to see some content unavailable by any other means. Needless to say, given Sluggo's odious temperament, I didn't try either of those options. However, for anyone who has a better computer and a faster connection than I have (and who the Hell doesn't), the site would probably be quite rewarding -- assuming you are interested in old maps of Japan. The collection has 2300 maps, but only a bit over 400 have as yet been scanned and made available on the site. Maybe by the time they're all up, I'll have replaced Sluggo and gotten DSL or broadband, and can go see them without worrying about digital meltdown.

Yesterday, I went to Radio Shack and bought the cheap headphones. I didn't notice until I'd gotten them home that they have a small plug, and I need the large one. Rats. I'll have to make another trip to buy an adapter. I'm surprised that they don't have the larger plug, as they are large, closed headphones of the type usually used with home stereo equipment, not the small ones usually used with portable devices. Who on earth would go jogging while wearing large, closed headphones? Only the sort of people who design equipment for Radio Shack, I suppose.

It has turned a bit foggy this morning, and the delightfully damp scent is drifting through my window. It makes me want to go out for a walk, just when I ought to be going to sleep. I'd like to go over to the next block to see if there is any evidence of a strange event which occurred there last night. Shortly after midnight, I heard a sudden bellowing sound, followed by several minutes of furious barking from the neighborhood dogs. I fear that the most likely explanation is that some mishap befell a deer. Perhaps one was injured attempting to jump a fence that was a bit too high for it. If so, I hope it wasn't one of my deer. I've grown attached to them, from having seen them so often in recent weeks on their browsing visits to my yard.