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Picture, in Anticipation of Summer

I decided it was time to post more pictures here, so I uploaded another half dozen to PictureTrail. (If I don't hurry up, I won't fill up my entire 50 MB allotment before the year I've paid for runs out.) Yesterday was mostly gray and cloudy again, with some patchy sunlight in the afternoon, and tonight it cleared for a while and was colder than most of the nights of January were. It's being a very strange year. Now the clouds are returning. It might rain again. So, today, I'm posting a nice warm picture I took of an evening last June. It will make a nice contrast.

The picture is supposed to be 600 pixels by 800 pixels, but it isn't displaying that size at the site. I don't know if they'll remote load the full size picture, or not. (I think most of the users of the site who use the remote loading option do so for auctions, and I think the pictures at auctions get fewer views than do those displayed at LiveJournal, so Picture Trail might be trimming the size of pictures sent here, to conserve bandwidth, for which they levy no extra charge on users.) In case they do send the full size, I'm putting it behind a cut.

Evening Sky

Evening Sky


EDIT: I had put in the HTML reserving the space of 600x800 pixels for the picture, and it was indeed filled -- but looked all pixelated. I made a private entry, including the image and leaving out the HTML commands for the size, and the picture came through smaller (as it does at the Picture Trail site) but looking much cleaner. Apparently, Picture Trail is sending a smaller version of the picture than the one I uploaded, and when I reserve a space too large for it, the picture fills it but, the file size being too small, it looks like crap. So, I've done an edit to take out the space reservation. The picture will now be smaller, but will look much cleaner. Crap! I'm going to have to go looking for a hosting service that doesn't muck about with my file sizes. Does anybody use Pbase?

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