rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I do believe that I am in a slump. If it's the LJ equivalent of sophomore slump, then it's arrived a bit late, as I started this journal on June 28, 2001. I'm amazed that I've actually kept this thing up for almost two years. (That's a goatload of entries.) I'm even more amazed that Sluggo has continued to run that long.

I've thought about going back and reading some of those early entries, but haven't done so (and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.) To my best recollection, they were mostly crap. That means that, were I to re--read them, I'd be possessed by the desire to edit. There is no end to editing, once it begins. Being in a slump is bad enough. Being in a slump while compulsively trying to edit would be disastrous.

Next week, daylight saving time begins. I'm hoping the longer evenings will help jar something loose in my head. It happens, sometimes. I just looked out the window at the wet, gray morning, and it did nothing for me. At least it ought to keep the pollen count down. That might help. But, at the moment, all I'm doing is boring myself.

I'm going to go to bed and listen to the cat purr.
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