rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

To Rant Or Not to Rant

Mmmm, carrot juice. This stuff is always a bit chancy, since carrots aren't a highly standardized product, and the juice isn't produced in the huge amounts which make it possible to do blends that average out the variations. Sometimes, it's a tad bitter, or at least not very sweet, but this bottle is excellent.

The carrot juice is compensation for a very difficult night with Sluggo. He's been on a blue screen frenzy. Since it has cooled off considerably tonight, it can't be from the heat. I have no idea what gets into Sluggo, aside from the fact that he hates me. I haven't got much to post because he was giving me so much frustration that I just turned him off and went out to watch television. I discovered that Sunday late night television is bad. The pickings were so thin that I ended up watching Sixteen Candles. Sluggo has a lot to answer for. Him, and Anthony Michael Hall.

One of the annoying things about computer-induced frustration is that it unfits me for concentration. I can't read, or write, when I'm livid. It takes a couple of hours of mind-numbing from the television to calm me back down. But then something broadcast can sometimes set me off again. Tonight, it was a commercial I saw. All I can say is that, while I don't buy candy bars anymore, if I did, the last image I'd want in my head while making my selection would be that of an elderly couple sharing a pair of false teeth to eat a Butterfinger! What the Hell was that company thinking?

I found that commercial even more repellant than I found the AOL CD which came with my Sunday paper. Yes! Not only are they spamming us by mail, and with CD's stuck in magazines, but now they must include their instant trash in our newspapers! And the thing isn't even in one of those re-usable cases. It's in a slick paper envelope inside a heavy plastic bag, so we can't even recycle the junk without separating it into its three parts! Feh! AOL! All-Out Losers!

Crap! I've re-irritated myself writing about it! Must get more carrot juice and calm down.

Mmmm, carrot juice.

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