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I keep waiting for the bulb in my desk lamp to burn out. I can't remember exactly when I last changed it, but I'm fairly sure it was early last year. I use this lamp more than any other light in the room, but the bulbs in the other fixtures have been changed more than once since I put this bulb in the desk lamp. I wonder if it will turn out to be one of those bulbs that just goes on burning for years? I've never had one of those before. Every once in a while it will flicker, and I'll think that its time has come, but then it continues shining. I wish that the company that made that light bulb made computers.

Anyway. I'm experiencing that restlessness that arrives with the first warm days of spring. Again, I'm blaming the psychoactive properties of pollen, messing with my brain chemistry. I have a vague desire to do something, and so distracting is this unfocused desire that it renders me unable to concentrate, and I end up doing nothing. My excess of energy is dispersed into wandering thoughts which I am unable to organize. This is when being nocturnal is a distinct disadvantage. Were I awake in the daytime, I could expend the energy on gardening or some such thing, but the neighbors would be put out if I were to keep the yard lights on at night and I certainly couldn't do such things in the dark. Well, it will pass in a while, at least.

Last night the deer returned, and I was out on the porch when they came by. I heard them in the yard, but it was too dark to see them until they moved into the yard next door and tripped the motion sensor lights. Then I saw what is probably the same group which came by so frequently last winter. There was a large buck, two does, and two younger deer. They remained only a short while and, as I saw a few minutes ago in the pale light of approaching dawn, they didn't eat the pansies by the driveway. Maybe there was something tastier further up the street.

A short time ago, two separate flocks of geese flew over the house, their loud honks disturbing the other birds, so that a chorus of various squawks and chirps arose from the trees round about quite suddenly, and earlier than is usual. After a few minutes, they settled down again, having made their complaint to the rude ducks. Soon the growing light will rouse them for the day, though. I hope to be asleep before the clamor begins.

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