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Equinox. I hardly noticed.

I haven't watched the special effects on television, either. All that firepower on a twenty-five inch screen? It loses something, I think. Maybe the Pentagon will release an IMAX version eventually. Of course, I wouldn't go see that, either. I don't like Michael Bay movies. I don't like their cheesy advertising campaigns, either. Still, they are less cheesy than government propaganda campaigns. I usually flip channels when ads come on, anyway. I'd be doing that now, if I were watching television. I'm watching very little. I'll watch Jon Stewart later. I don't think Michael Bay or the government run ads on his show. (No, wait. He isn't on on Friday. I'll watch South Park.)

The thing that amazes me most is that there is plenty of butter in the stores. Many people now living remember when fielding a fraction of the military might we now have meant doing without all sorts of other stuff. Gotta love technological progress. Gotta love showbiz.
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