rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The problem with all the local television stations being in the valley is that they always report valley weather. Tonight, they were talking about all the wind. Hardly a breath was stirring in the mountains today. There is little point in watching the weather on television, and the rest of the local newscasts these days consists of provincial trivia, and drama queen histrionics about white knights and evil goblins Bush and Iraq. Then the "reality" shows begin. If it weren't for cable, I'd probably never turn the thing on anymore.

Eh, crappy day. Now that the rain has ended, the pollen has returned, and the sneezing, and the various minor aches and irritations which add up to bleh. But the blossoms on the cherry tree are looking nice -- although there are only a few this year. And the recent rains have brought back the bright green to the fields, which now are at their plushiest, under the bright, end-of-winter sun. And Sluggo has begun to behave a bit better. I pushed my time online to almost three hours last night, and there were no crashes. On the whole, I'd say that things are good enough that I probably won't have to dig a hole and bury myself in it just yet. Yay.

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