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Narcissus, Blooming Mad

One of the marvelous things about Live Journal is that its wide variety of users provides the confirmed people-watcher endless opportunities for entertainment. From time to time, I come across something so astonishing that I wonder how it can even be. A while ago, I happened across a recently formed community (journal 919903, in fact) which already has 483 members (and not one of them showed up in bold type on my computer, meaning that not one person on my friends list is a member) and it made me gasp with astonishment. I know that it is cruel to draw amusement from the plight of the hopelessly obtuse, but in this instance, I truly can't help myself. The sheer thick-wittedness of this community had me fairly laughing my ass off. The name will give you a clue.

It is called nonuglies! Take a look at the user info page first. It declares nonuglies to be "The Ugly People Hater Beautiful Person Community." It also contains this link to a particular post in the community, which is probably the single most amazing display of wounded narcisscism I have ever come across in my life. On reading it, I didn't know whether to laugh out loud or mutter The horror, the horror! I could say more, but this phenomenon must truly be seen to be believed. Not for the faint of heart, I warn you! If approached without a proper appreciation for vile unintentional humor, seeing this community is the sort of thing that could destroy one's last shred of respect for humanity.

I made no comments in the community, though I was tempted. This is something best enjoyed by lurking. It is like watching a horror movie, and you want to scream at the fools on the screen Watch out! But think how dull such movies would be if the characters heard the warning, and heeded it. It is best to let them go their way, and meet their dismal fates, as we watch, not in pity and terror, but in peals of delightfully cynical laughter.

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