rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Rain

Quick showers and sudden winds ripping blue rents in the grey sky today, the small streams roiled and brown, the roads shining like fresh snail tracks, and pink blossoms flashing with dew on the apple trees at the south end of the orchard -- I'm not sure what variety they have planted down there. I would like to have a place where I could see the looming bulk of Sawmill Peak, which rises alongside the river canyon north of town. The only place from which I ever get a look at it is the parking lot in front of K-mart. Today, clouds were skimming right over the top of the mountain, and streaks of sunlight would momentarily brighten the dark green mass of trees covering its flanks. It would be nice to watch the moods of the mountain change on a day such as this, somewhere away from the distractions of a busy parking lot.

Rushing back to the car after shopping at Safeway, I was pelted by hail. A few minutes later, a downpour quickly filled the gutters and sent the hailstones tumbling through them, and arcs of spray flew from the tires of speeding cars. Suddenly, a swift-moving cloud unveiled the sun while the rain continued, and the air was all shattered falling drops of light. This storm began with a wintry feel, but it has become a true spring storm, of delightfully mercurial temperament. Tonight, there will probably be glimpses of the nearly-full moon to be had, and silver-edged clouds drifting above the refreshed pines and the oaks, which have leafed out enough to redefine the skyline, creating that sense of enclosure which was lost through the bare branches of winter. Two days to the full moon, and less than a week until the vernal equinox. Happy!

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