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Stormy [Mar. 14th, 2003|05:00 pm]
[mood |Moist]
[music |Debussy -- Page d'album]

The rain continues. All the bright red camellias are hanging face down from the bush, dripping. A downpour in the night overflowed the rain gutter along the eaves, and water cascaded down onto the sourgrass near the front door. Now, the plants are splayed open, revealing a tangle of long, pale green stems. Wintry smoke rises from chimneys and drifts through spring leaves. The cats sit on windowsills, gazing disconsolately at the wet world and the birdless gray sky rolling north. As I pass through the room, they look at me and let out an accusing mew. How dare I enjoy this weather! But the dark pavement gleams, and sparkles with bright raindrops which flutter the reflections of swaying pine trees. It is a perfect day!