rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Electric Night

I had to wait a long time to fire up Sluggo tonight -- there was a spectacular thunderstorm rolling through. The first of the year! The birds must have known it was coming. Yesterday afternoon, as the wind was beginning to blow and the dark clouds were rushing north, birds were flitting about the yard chirping What the.... At least, that's what it sounded as though they were chirping. I've rarely seen them so excited, even when a storm is due. They must have felt some electricity building up.

It's all dissipated, now, and everything is soaked. At the height of the storm, the wind was slamming sheets of rain against the windows so hard, and the thunder and brilliant flashes of lightening were so close, that the cats both went into hiding. They've only just now emerged. Of course, they insist on being fed, as compensation for their ordeal. They probably think it was all my fault, and they intend to milk it for all they can get.

Now that the rain has stopped, a marvelous calm has fallen over the night, and the air is rich and fresh. I'd like to have thunderstorms more often, even if it does mean leaving Sluggo off. Well worth it, I'd say, for such invigoration. The cats, I'm sure, disagree.

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