rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Survived, So Far

I'd say that my re-installation of Juno is (thus far) a semi-success. At first, I thought it wasn't going to work. Every time I tried to connect using the new installation, it would either freeze before dialing or create an invalid page fault and shut down while dialing. I un-installed the new install and started over. Same problem. Did it again. Same problem. I tried restoring my backup of the old install. Sluggo wouldn't recognize it. I prepared my ritual pyre for burning Sluggo, and contemplated becoming a hermit and never touching technology of any kind ever again. Finally, after Sluggo rested overnight, I got the new installation of Juno working this afternoon. As of now, I've been on line for 55 minutes, and no crash yet. (Knock on fake wood of computer desk.)

There is one big problem, though. When I did the original un-install, I saved all my e-mail and settings and such in a backup file on my desktop, as per instructions by the un-install wizard. The last time I did a re-installation, (more than a year ago, so the memory is fuzzy) there was a point in the process when I was asked if I wanted to restore this file in the new install. This time, it never happened. I now have all my old e-mail sitting in the file on my desktop, and have no idea to get it back. Do I dare drag and drop? One screwup, and I'd be stuck going through this whole hassle again. And I have no idea how the old e-mail would get along with the new e-mail that I've already gotten with the new install. Hmph! Have I mentioned lately that I hate computers?

Oh, yeah. It looks pre-stormy out.

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