rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Stuff and Nonsense

After going outside to break up a cat fight (a couple of new kitties have moved into the neighborhood recently), I watched the sky for a few minutes. In a patch between two tall ponderosas to the northwest, the little dipper was fading as the morning approached. I always associate the little dipper with the arrival of spring. The equinox is yet several days away, but this year spring already seems old. In the growing light, I noticed that the pansies along the driveway have not only all survived what there was of winter, but are now sporting big new blossoms. Soon, the deer will come to snack on them.

Earlier, I opened Sluggo up and took a look at his innards. Nothing seems amiss, and there was very little dust. I still have no idea what has gotten into him of late. Probably some corrupted files. Well, I'm on my own with him now, as my semi-knowledgeable nephew is away. I suppose I'll have to figure it out myself. If worse comes to worse, I might even have to break down and buy a copy of Windows, at long last. Either that, or take the big plunge and try to install some flavor of Linux, and get a new ISP that can handle that system. At least, I hope I can get the LJ client working again, or reinstall it with a minimum of protest from Sluggo. It has become quite tedious to write with the constant interruptions due to the freezing. Rats! I hope it isn't the keyboard failing, after all!


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