rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The World of Things is Against Me, I Say!

All evening and all night, Juno has been more unstable than usual. Then, while I was writing something, the LJ client quit working. I would type, nothing would happen. I thought something had gone wrong with the keyboard, but it turns out to have been that instance of the client. I had to reboot, get back on line and launch another instance. So far, it works. But Sluggo is misbehaving very badly again these days. For a few months, things were going reasonably well. I must have said something to insult him. He is the touchiest computer! Probably from having spent so much of his life with me.

Here is the post I didn't get to post this afternoon due to Sluggoid temperamentalism:
Just before going to sleep, I had an idea for a great paragraph. I didn't get up to jot it down. It was so clear in my mind that I was sure I'd remember it. I forgot.

The afternoon was all budding trees and blooming flowers under pearly grey sky where the veiled sun was like a bright reflection in a mirror fogged with age.

After reading through the unfinished post, I did indeed find a few caffeine-induced tangents that needed to be removed. I saved them for use in other posts. Now I am back on track and (I hope) nearing the completion of this troublesome outburst of memory.

I dreamed of flowing water again last night, and of wandering through endless rooms of a rambling riverside house which grew ever larger as I walked from room to dusty room. In dreams, I turn into Sarah Winchester.

Anyway, it's getting late and, now that things appear to be working again, I need to get working again. Oh, the computer hates me, the language hates me, the clock hates me. Only the cats love me. Yay for cats.

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