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Well, LJ didn't vanish after all. All the pages are opening, and I'm not getting any more error messages. Too late, though. I squandered the night and didn't finish my post. There was only time to add a few hundred more words. I'll shoot for Sunday morning. (Monday, of course, for those west of the date line.)

I did manage to get a couple of things done IRL yesterday. I finally bought a new television for the aged parents, and got it set up. The thing has so many functions and options that it is only slightly more difficult to set up than it is to install Windows on a cranky computer. Nevertheless, I got it all working, except for the clock. Why is it always the clocks which are the most temperamental feature of electronic devices? As many times as I've reset Sluggo's clock, for example, within a few days it always manages to go back to being twelve minutes fast. Symbolic, I'm sure. We're forever trying to keep up with our own creations. And I am trying to catch up on my sleep.

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