rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


After sunset, the smile of the crescent moon darkened above the deepening cobalt horizon. As it settled behind the pines, it was screened so that, while the entire smile was still visible, one part of it was much brighter than the rest, and that part looked like a gold-capped tooth. Madam Ruth!

This morning, a pair of birds kept me awake for some time, singing loudly in the leafless mulberry tree. I think they were robins, and they are mating. Blue jays kept flying by, screeching at them: Gack! Gack! Jays, apparently, are not romantic birds.

Though the morning was chilly, the afternoon warmed up enough that I was able to leave the windows open for a couple of hours. I probably let a lot of pollen into the house. I wonder if it will make me hallucinate tonight?

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