rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Confused but More-or-less Happy

Re-inventing Scholarly Information Dissemination and Use is the suitably asinine slogan of this chaotic yet fascinating data base operated by U. C. Berkeley. Alas, that so much of the worlds information has fallen into the hands of bloated academic institutions which have so thoroughly mastered the art of obfuscation that one needs a doctoral degree to understand the means of retrieving any of it. Nevertheless, if you have a few hours, and a high tolerance for confusion, this is an interesting site in which to muck about. I ended up there because I was looking for pictures of flowers, and I found many, though not the particular ones I was seeking, thanks to the arcane search functions at the site. To enjoy the place, it is best to leave behind all expectations and simply wander about, taking pleasure in whatever comes up. It's rather like talking to a venerable, knowledgeable, but very absent minded professor-- when both of you are quite drunk. Ah, academe!

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