rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Goodbye, Bare Branches

Tiny, dark leaves are appearing on the oak trees. They won't turn green until they have a few more days of sunshine. They look odd, now-- all bristled and punkish. soon, the bare branches will all but vanish behind the burgeoning clouds of pale green leaves which will rustle softly in the spring breeze, and flash green fire in the afternoon light. I'm growing impatient for the arrival of softer days.

One more thing that will be veiled by the new growth is the mistletoe. All winter, the dark clumps of this parasitic plant hang from the exposed branches of the oaks in the chill air of winter. I have a picture of mistletoe (which I'm pretty sure I haven't posted yet.) Cut for width.

At first sight, the dark clumps resemble huge bird's nests, but they are mistletoe

Also; why must provincial opera critics always call a successful production of Faust "Devilishly Good?"

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