rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I was locked out of LJ all night last night, but it seems many weren't. I had over a hundred entries to read when I finally got here. No time for comments.

Script kiddies are usurping my time!

None of the books on my shelves have ever been subject to DDoS attacks. This is a handy feature of the book, as a means of distributing text. I think I will buy some more of them.

I have never read anything by Robert Crais. There was an article about him in the Sacramento Bee today (no time to check and see if it is posted at their web site.) Maybe I'll pick up something of his. Looks interesting. I am fond of detective novels. If I wrote one myself, it would be about a serial killer who ends the miserable lives of script kiddies. He'd get away with it, of course.
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