rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Deer Before Dawn

After a hazy night when the half moon made the sky glow with an eerie blue like a mercury vapor streetlight, I went out into the dim grey twilight and saw a deer browsing in the yard next door. Standing very still, I watched as more deer appeared from up the street. They walked slowly south past my house, glancing warily in my direction, their hooves clopping softly on the pavement. There were six of them, altogether. I saw two does, one young buck and one older buck, and two fawns, one of them much smaller than the other. They were difficult to distinguish in the dim light, but I think they may have been the same deer I saw browsing in the field near my house a couple of weeks ago. Just a few hours ago, I uploaded the one good picture I got of them that day to my image host, so I can post it now. It shows the two fawns and either the younger buck or one of the does. It's hard to tell, as I was still a couple of hundred feet from them when I had to take the picture. The other three had already moved up the road to the right and were concealed by the trees and the new house which was being built on the corner. I'm putting the picture behind a cut, since it is 800 pixels wide.

Deer Browsing

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