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My friends page is full of snow reports from the east, and here is California basking in sunshine, while what little snowpack has accumulated in the Sierra melts away.

I can sympathize with the snowbound, though. A dozen or so years ago, we were the recipients of two back-to-back storms which dumped a total of 30 inches in this part of town. The power went off on the second evening of the storm, and was not restored for two days-- even longer in some other parts of town. The snowplows could not keep up with the drifts, even on the main roads, and the narrow roads were full of stranded cars. The roofs of four stores collapsed, and all the stores in the northern section of town were closed, due to the danger of collapse. Our only source of heat was a Franklin stove, and a nephew who was staying with us at the time had a propane-fired camp cooker on which we could make soup and cereal. Because we had an electric water heater at the time, there was no water for showers until the power was restored. It was quite an experience, being cold, itchy and stranded. That was the only really big snowstorm I've ever seen, and I hope I never have to endure another. So, my sympathy to everyone who is dealing with that sort of situation right now-- although, if your power is off, you probably aren't reading this.

Well, I am going to go take a shower, and revel in the fact that I can. It's good to be reminded once in a while that all those ordinary things can vanish overnight. May your power remain on, and your Internet connections not go down.

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