rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The moon is quite full tonight, and currently hangs above a cloud shaped exactly like a question mark. I have no answer. In lieu of an answer, a poem by Pierre Reverdy:


Under the arch of hard clouds
To the noise of abandoned voices
On the white sidewalks and rails
Across the branches of time
I have watched your shadow go by
Alone between obscure signs
Shafts of moving light
Transparent in the reflections of false store windows
As she went on and she went on
You never walked so quickly
I recalled your face
But it was not so big
And then I looked around
To find you again
In the echoes of the day rolling in my memory

Threads of memories cling to the branches
Leaves glide down through blue air against the wind
A stream of bright blood slides under the stones
Tears and rain on the same blotter
Then it's all mixed up in shock in the thickest wadding
The heart loses its way in the tangles of fate
Always the same one stops
Always the same one returns

The sun went out
I looked further
Your footprints embroidered the dust with gold
And everything that wasn't there
In the flames of evening devouring the earth

--Pierre Reverdy, translation by Kenneth Rexroth

Winter's long nights bring more hours of moonlight, in spite of the many nights when it is obscured by heavy clouds. I think that's the thing I like most about winter. Lots of moonlight.


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