rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hey, it was Friday when I started writing this post.

Sluggo had a very odd glitch earlier tonight. I was on line, composing a reply to a post, when suddenly my monitor screen went dark, except for the notice which pops up when it has been sitting unused while on: "Power save enabled. Monitor will shut down in few seconds." Then it went to sleep. It's never done that while I was using it before. I tried turning it off and on a few times, but it stayed asleep. Finally, without any screen, I had to shut Sluggo down the bad way. Most annoying. (And how difficult would it be for Windows to include an application that would allow one to shut down properly through a few keystrokes, when the monitor failed for some reason?) Anyway, when I rebooted, the monitor was fine. I usually blame this sort of thing on Sluggo, but I know that his hardware, cheap though much of it is, isn't going to do something like this. No, the software lied to the monitor, telling it that it wasn't being used! I just don't know which software. Might have been a driver, might have been Windows. I have no idea how to track it down. I'm just hoping it doesn't happen again.


Today was another nice, partly cloudy day, but with a bit more sun than yesterday. This really is my favorite kind of weather, although it has arrived a bit early this year. We are fortunate that more rain is expected, and the next storm will probably bring snow to the areas above 5000 feet. Rather high for the snow line, but every bit helps. The local lakes being low, the town has begun adding more chlorine to the water, and it stinks. A few abundant storms would obviate the need for that precaution. Even though we buy bottles of drinking water, I'd rather the tap water didn't have so much chlorine in it. I can actually smell it on myself for half an hour after taking a shower. Want more rain!


I'm posting another picture, and not putting it behind a cut this time. (It's only 600 pixels wide-- I hope that isn't a problem for anyone with a small monitor.) I want to try out the code posted by edbook which reserves a space of the proper size on the page, even before the picture has begun to load. This is another of the pictures I took down in the south end of town a few weeks ago.

Semi-bogus windmill

I remember seeing windmills such as this actually functioning to drive water pumps on the vanished farms of Southern California. The apparatus at the top of this one is probably real, but the derrick it sits on is much too short, and I didn't notice any pipes in it. This seems to be another example of what I've long thought of as detritus chic-- although it's only chic to people who wouldn't be caught dead using French words to describe their landscape decorations. Entirely decorative windmills are less common than the classic expression of the genre, the wagon wheel stuck in a fence, but I have seen them before, too. And this particular instance of the form did look rather picturesque, silhouetted against the bright afternoon sky. The owners of the property would probably enjoy this picture for its nostalgic sentiment, but I myself can't look at it without feeling a bit silly for having taken it. Now I can feel even sillier for having posted it in public.

I hope everybody had a nice VD.

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