rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Day Before Thursday

It must be raining, because the outdoors is all wet. Yet, I have not felt a single drop falling. Every time I go out, it stops. The rain fears me! My cats are sitting on widow sills, gazing at the dampness with irritation. They have been spoiled by the mild weather of late, when they have been able to spend the lengthening afternoons in their favorite patches of sunlight on the lawn. Now they are forced to watch through glass as the birds congregate to peck in the newly moistened soil. Poor cats. Life is tough.

Rumor has it that tomorrow (or is it Friday?-- these things have no grasp on my mind) is a Hallmark (tm) Holiday. Valentines Day has always seemed an odd sort of celebration to me. Many years ago, when I was in elementary school, we had Valentine-themed crafts projects. Everyone in the class would make Valentine cards for everyone else in the class. There would be construction paper, and that crusty-feeling paper lace, and some of that thick white library paste with the odd smell. Scissors would be passed out, and we would spend the afternoon making crude cards, then exchange them, and everyone would go home with a bag full of these clumsy, smelly things from people they barely knew. Even at the time, I thought the whole thing surpassingly weird-- so much so, that I've had nothing to do with the holiday since. I think we ought to change it to Ballantines Day, and everyone should consume a quart or so of one or another of their beverages. That would be a holiday worth celebrating.

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