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I'm in one of those periods when I don't feel like writing very much. They usually end with one of those very long posts. Lucky readers! :-p

So tonight I spent some time at ArtServe. Most of the pictures on the site seem to still be missing. They've been doing maintenance on the site for a couple of months. I think it is run by one guy and a couple of trained monkeys. Anyway, one part of the site that wasn't shut down was a section with some dandy panoramic photographs of buildings, townscapes, landscapes and such, mostly in the Mediterranean, and a few in Japan. They have "small" panoramas (about four times the width of Sluggo's 17" inch monitor) and "large" files, running to several Mb. Naturally, being on dial-up, I went for the smaller ones. Still, they took Sluggo four or five minutes each to download.

From the main index of panoramas you will find all sorts of interesting things, but I would recommend a nice collection of four (there are five thumbnails, but two of them are duplicates) pictures from the Parc des Volcans in France. In particular, check out the fourth picture in the series (the tallest one), which has some truly splendid scenery of mountains and green fields. There is also a nice panorama of the castle at Carcassonne which is worth a look. If you have anything faster than dial-up, you might want to take a shot at the large pictures, too, which are listed on the main index page. Oh, yeah- there are some panoramas of Japanese palaces and their gardens in Kyoto and Nara, and some of the hills of Rome, and the Roman Forum, but I didn't get the URL's for those. They are on the index page, too.

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