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Yesterday evening there were clouds. Actual Clouds! In the sunset, they went from pink to gold, to tangerine, to coral. Bright little puffs, all over the sky. Earlier, when they began to form, there were breakers and combers and ostrich plumes and some gracefully twisted clouds like Chinese ideograms. By the time the moon set, they were gone, and the sky was starry all night. Now, though the stars remain, there is a smell of damp in the cold air, and the morning dusk has a smokey look from a thin fog. I doubt that there is enough moisture to turn to rain, but at least it is damp for the first time in days. I was beginning to get a vague sinus headache from the dryness. I feel much better already.

Cynical Liberal
How Republican Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Usually, I don't bother, but I found this one mildly amusing, and there's a nice picture of Jon Stewart! Harmless fun, O.K.? Besides, he worked very hard on it!

As compensation to the quiz haters, a picture:
Autumn, 2002
Afternoon Sunlight Through Mulberry Leaves

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