rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Busy Night

I've discovered that I can use my 1986 calendar this year-- all the dates and days match up. It's a San Francisco picture calendar, 20" wide by 13" high. February has a nice picture of Montgomery Street, looking east from Telegraph Hill. Of course, the phases of the moon shown on this calendar are wrong, but I can live with that. I like pretending it's still 1986, and George W. Bush is still off snorting coke and puking up JD by the side of the road, no threat to anyone but the drivers of Texas.

I spent over an hour moving the accumulation of postcard scans stolen from E-Bay into various folders in my documents file. I moved more than 1000 of them. I had no idea that so many had piled up. Many of them still must be cropped (because of sloppy scans) and re-sorted into still other folders. I'd like to find some software that would allow me to index pictures, instead of putting them into that complex and inconvenient folder sub-folder sub-sub-folder etc. system in the Windows document folder. Once you have a large number of pictures, they become very difficult to find. It would be nice to be able to create ad-hoc galleries with themes, through simple search commands. But, I'm probably dreaming again.

Anyway, that, and some backing up of files and such took up much of the night. It will take several more hours to get everything in my documents folder into reasonable order. When I was sorting those postcard scans into folders, and noting how many non-postcard images I was skipping over, I realized that I had barely scratched the surface of what is available out there on the Internet, and yet the mere task of sorting what I already had was tedious. I was reminded that, even were I to spend all my time wandering this virtual world, I would never have the time to get to all the stuff I'd like to see. And, of course, that would leave no time for the real world. It's the curse of virtual abundance! The more that becomes available, the less of the sum of it we can have!

And, with that morose thought, I will commit this post to the server, to join the quarter-million or so other posts that will be made today at this site alone. Think about that, if you want to sense your limitations. All I can do is hope that reality is something like a hologram, and its whole is somehow contained in each of its fragments. If that is the case, then I can relax, because I've already got everything, and I've already seen everything. All I need to do is sit back and enjoy it. Oh, yeah-- and feed the cats.

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